Confidently Embrace the New Year with Timely Service from Nemet Hyundai

With 2017 on its way, many drivers throughout the areas of Queens, Jamaica, Brooklyn, Long Island, and beyond are looking forward to the opportunities and excitement provided by the new year. While many drivers are surely dreaming of ways to kick the year off right, here at Nemet Hyundai we think one of the best ways is also one of the simplest; reliable automotive service to get your vehicle in its best condition for the future. With our talented auto service experts, ensuring your vehicle is operating at its best will be easily taken care of, and you can embrace the arrival of 2017 with unparalleled confidence.


While some stop to smell the flowers, we think it’s more fun to rush by with 290 horsepower. #HyundaiSantaFe #Hyundai

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No matter what adventures you have planned for the future, it will be much more difficult to undertake them if your vehicle is not up to the challenge. With a timely oil change, tire rotation, brake pad replacement, or even a simple battery test, we're able to ensure that your vehicle will be operating at its best-possible capacity. With our highly-trained service team utilizing cutting-edge equipment, any service is provided with ease and convenience, in an efficient manner.

To learn more about the incredible advantages of timely service for your vehicle, or if you suspect that it is overdue for any kind of service, schedule an appointment with our team, and then we'll look forward to welcoming you to our location. Once you arrive here we'll get right to work on your vehicle, apply any available service specials, and ensure that you're embracing the new year from behind the wheel of your vehicle in its best-possible condition.

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